Skeletons After Dark

Skeletons After Dark lights up your evenings with adult-focused events. Come to the Icon Orlando 360 Complex for a night out and pop in for Forensic Night or Sketching with Skeletons: Feature Night. Check out the EVENTS page for our next event!


Forensic Night     

Forensic Night gives adults the chance to explore what law enforcement, doctors, and anthropologists can learn by examining skeletons. Through a hands-on activity, participants will learn to "read" the features of a human skull to determine: age, sex, physical trauma and/or illness. 

Forensic Nights are typically held on the second weekend of every month, dates vary so please check out the events page for the next Forensic Night!


Sketching with Skeletons

Using the SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology collection of over 500 REAL skeletons as inspiration, Sketching with Skeletons gives artists & photographers the opportunity to explore new skills or perfect their figure drawing! Work alongside other local artists to make connections, share ideas and have fun. Typically held during the last week of every month, dates may vary based on private events.  

Keep an eye out for Feature Nights, offering adult beverages, workshops and/or featured artists selling their work.