What to Expect and Activity Suggestions



There is a lot to do and see at SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology! Check out the sections below to learn more about the museum and prepare for your first visit.


What will I see?

SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology is the newest science museum in Orlando. In this museum, we study bones, skulls and skeletons. You will see the real skeletons of over 500 animals from all over the world! (We also have a few human skeletons, but not very many.) Every animal was donated to us from a zoo, an aquarium or a state park. That means every animal passed away naturally, and no animals were hurt to create this museum. It also means that we only display modern animal bones. We do not have any dinosaur fossils on display.

Our exhibits feature: elephants, llamas, wolves and other dogs, penguins, big cats like tigers, monkeys, dolphins, alligators, bats, hippos, bears and many other animals!


How do you clean the skeletons?

When animals are donated to the museum, they are not alive, but still have their fur and muscles. We very carefully remove the fur and as much of the muscle tissues as we can. The little bits that are left over are given to Dermestid Beetles to eat! Dermestid Beetles are small insects that only eat leftovers—just like a vulture! They are completely harmless, and some people think they are very cute! You will get to see these beetles in the museum, where they live in special fish tanks.


What will I do at the museum?

There are many things for you to see and do at SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology! Here is a list of some of our favorite activities. There is also a downloadable map to help you find these areas:

  • See and touch the African Elephant skull outside of the Discovery Store
  • See and touch the Sei Whale skull inside of the Discovery Store
  • Introduce yourself to the #SkeletonCrew as you enter the museum
  • Decide what animal you would like to see, and ask the #SkeletonCrew if you will see one
  • Grab a Scavenger Hunt as you enter the museum, if you want one
  • Visit the Dermestid Beetles and watch a short video
  • Visit the Animal Skulls Touch Table and hold a real skull!
  • Learn about and touch Animal Horns and Antlers
  • Learn about and touch Herbivore, Omnivore and Carnivore teeth
  • Learn about and touch Predator and Prey eye placements
  • Touch the tusks of a Nile Hippopotamus
  • See the African Elephant skeleton—the biggest in the museum!
  • Open a panel and see the inside of a Turtle Shell
  • Learn about and touch Alligator and Crocodile skulls
  • See the Hummingbird skeleton—the smallest in the museum!
  • Play the Bird Beak Matching Game
  • Visit the Animal Puppets and read an Animal Book
  • Visit the Discovery Store to see a wall of Real Butterflies
  • Say goodbye to the #SkeletonCrew


Tactile Points of Interest Map