Field Trips

Learning Opportunities at the SKELETON Museum

SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology is a great place to bring your school, daycare, or camp for a field trip! 

With over 350 REAL animal skeletons posed in unique positions, flesh-eating beetles, natural curiosities, and a gift shop filled with educational and engaging gifts, we provide an experience unlike any other you will find in the United States. 

Come and explore our:

  • 40' Humpback Whale & 20' Orca Skeletons
  • Pronghorn Antelope & American Buffalo in the Oklahoma Exhibit
  • Cheetah & Penguin Skeletons in the Locomotion Exhibit

Field trips to our Museum include discounted group rates and free scavenger hunts!

Our scavenger hunt experience engages everyone with our more than 40 different exhibits. Each participant receives a prize upon completion.

We also provide hands-on education programs for all grade levels that add a greater learning experience for your students or campers. 

To schedule your group today please contact our Education Department by phone (405) 814-0006 or by emailing:

Extend your SKELETONS experience with a guided tour of our more than 40 exhibits!