5 Reasons to Host Your Next Event at a Museum

Maybe we are a little biased, but we think museums are the perfect place to host private events. Although most of us have enjoyed perusing our favorite museums and galleries during business hours, it’s a completely different experience when you are there for a private party. Here are just a few reasons why the cultural cache of a museum is sure to impress your guests.

1. Built-in Décor

Museums are sure to have striking architecture, walls filled with art, or intriguing exhibits. Having a unique backdrop excludes, or greatly reduces the need for additional décor.

2. One of a Kind Experience

Although different rules apply at different museums, you can typically incorporate drinks, music, dancing, guest speakers or any other event musts into your evening. For many of your guests, it may be their first time at your chosen museum or gallery, so right from the start, they will be getting a VIP experience by attending a private party with a cocktail in hand.

3.Turning Strangers into Friends

Guests lists always include a mixed bag of people. Whether they all know the host, but not each other, or they are coworkers who rarely have the chance to get to know each other, there tends to be a struggle for small talk when you get a large group together. Museum exhibits are great starting points for conversation, making small talk easy and helping strangers become friends.

4. Control Over Vendors

Most event venues, corporate hotels, restaurants, etc. require you to work exclusively with their furniture or food and beverage provisions. When hosting at a museum, they may have preferred vendors but most places will allow you to work with whomever you want, giving you complete creative (and budget) control over your event.

5. Appear Sophisticated

Trying to spice up your drab reputation? Celebrating what is unique and interesting in your city is sure to turn that around. We are the newest science museum in Orlando and currently the only natural history museum. Your guests are sure to receive the very clear message that you are cutting edge, and cultured, by hosting at SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology. 


We love to host! For more information on pricing and possibilities, contact Info@SkeletonMuseum.com.