What on Earth? Sea Creature

What on Earth is in this picture?

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ANSWER: Loggerhead turtle throat 

A loggerhead sea turtle first catches its prey with its sharp, beak-like mouth. The food then travels down the turtle’s esophagus which is lined with spines called papillae that help to break down the food and prevent food from being regurgitated when the turtle expels swallowed sea water. Adult loggerhead turtles are carnivorous, eating animals such as jellyfish, crabs, fish, and conchs. They will, however, occasionally eat seaweed and sargassum. Despite being the most abundant of all marine turtle species in U.S. waters, the loggerhead turtle has been on the threatened species list since 1978 because of population declines due to pollution, shrimp trawling, and human development in their nesting areas.

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