What on Earth? Mystery Predator

What on Earth is in this picture?

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ANSWER: Stonefish Fin

Can you believe that this beautiful-colored fin belongs to the world’s most venomous fish?! The stonefish can use their dorsal fin spines to inject venom strong enough to kill an adult human within an hour. This venomous adaptation is used for defense from any potential predators of the stonefish.

Stonefish Skeleton

The colors of the stonefish's exterior allow the animal to camouflage into their natural habitat, the coral reef, and make it nearly impossible for their prey, predators, and curious humans to spot them. The stonefish uses its camouflage mostly for predation, or hunting prey. The stonefish will sit for hours at a time, waiting for a fish to swim by close enough to reach. They then use their incredible jaw strength to suck down prey and swallow it whole with their large mouths.


The stonefish’s venomous dorsal fins and camouflage coloring are adaptations that are crucial for their survival. At SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology, you will be able to see the stonefish skeleton in person, along with hundreds of other animals that have amazing adaptations!

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