Homeschool Adventure Days

SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology is proud to offer Homeschool Adventure Days to all Central Florida families! 

These events enable individual families to partake in a fun, hands on field trip, without organizing a group!

We invite all attendees to enjoy:

  • All-Day Museum Admission
  • Hands On Education Program(s)
  • "Bones, Furs, & More!" Touch Tables
  • Scavenger Hunts & Prizes
  • "Ronnie the Rhino" Coloring Station
  • Jr. Scientist Reading Corner
  • 500 REAL Skeletons
  • Flesh Eating Beetles
  • Free Parking Garage

Upcoming Homeschool Adventure Days: 

October 3rd - Tooth & Eye-Dentification (K-5th)

October 4th - Animal CS (6th-12th)

Ocotber 5th - Owl Pellet Dissection (All Ages)

Please visit our Upcoming Events for full details!

Please Note:

  • Everyone in your group over the age of (2) will need a Homeschool Day Ticket.
  • Program spaces are limited. All tickets must be booked in advance. | Education Office: (407) 890-5239