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Archaeology I: The Dig

Participants will learn the basics of archaeology in this 2 hour program. The class begins with a discussion of what archaeology is, how it relates to other scientific fields, and the basic steps followed by archaeologists. After the introduction students will learn how excavations are conducted and then will participate in a mock dig. Students will excavate a simulated archaeological site and learn how the materials found in the ground is excavated, recorded, and interpreted by archaeologists. After the mock excavation students will design their own archaeological site including the materials present in the site and what archaeologists would learn about the people who were once on the site through the materials they find.

Archaeology II: Experiment Atlatl

Participants will learn how experimental archaeology is an important aspect of understanding how people lived in the past. The program begins with a quick review of what archaeology is and how it relates to other scientific fields. Then, students will be introduced to some archaeological sites located in Oklahoma and learn how the bones and stone tools on the site can tell us about the people who once occupied the site. Participants will learn about projectile technology and the atlatl and its importance in early bison kill sites. Then students will create their own atlatls and then will conduct an experiment comparing hand thrown spears to atlatl thrown darts.

The Archeology programs are taught by our Museum Educator, an Archaeologist specializing in Paleo-Indian archaeology in Oklahoma who is an approved merit badge counselor. She has participated in numerous digs in Oklahoma including bison kill sites from 10,000 years ago. Archaeology and osteology are tied together. Through analysis of animal (and sometimes human) bone on archaeological sites archaeologists can learn a great deal about how ancient people once lived.

  • At least one Adult must remain with students at all times.
  • Cost of Program: $225.00 for 25 students and 2 adults
  • Additional program on same day $100.00
  • For additional information please email