Homeschool Adventure Days

With 500 REAL animal skeletons from all around the world, our museum provides an experience unlike any other you will find in the United States. All Homeschool Adventure Days begin promptly at 9am and include museum admission, a 60-minute hands-on education program, and a scavenger hunt! Dates, themes, and grades are listed below and open to all homeschool families. CLICK HERE to view all educational programs!

May 3|Locomotion: How Animals Move (Grades K-5th)

Locomotion: How Animals Move familiarizes students with a key feature to animal survival; locomotion. Much can be learned from observing the bones associated with motion: diet, predator-prey relationships, etc. Participants will observe skeletal features that define a particular type of movement, and then name and imitate that movement.

May 3|Locomotion and Skeletal Adaptation (Grades 6th-12th)

Locomotion and Skeletal Adaptations familiarizes students with six modes of animal locomotion through hands-on observation of various skeletal specimens. Participants then work in teams to identify a particular type of movement of a skeletal specimen, and communicate their observations to the class. 

Registration, Fees, and Times

  • Student and Parent team is $25, plus tax. You MUST purchase the team ticket before you order any additional tickets. Additional students or adults are $10, plus tax.
  • Payment is due at time of booking*
  • Register at least one week in advance of each event.
  • To register for any of our homeschool events please follow the links to buy your tickets online. Questions? CLICK HERE to EMAIL US!

*No refunds will be given for cancellations. However, you may reschedule for a future available date. To reschedule, you MUST contact SKELETONS at least one week before event. The capacity for each event is 60 participants.