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Man assembling a camel skeleton.
Cool Summer Entertainment

The Museum of Osteology located at 10301 S. Sunnylane Road, is a unique, one of a kind educational experience in Oklahoma City. Sharing the same building with Skulls Unlimited, the 7000 square ft....

A One-of-A-Kind Treasure

Do you have a child so fascinated with a hobby that you fear that it's taking focus from other "more important" priorities? Jay Villemarette would tell you not to worry. In fact, he'd tell you to...

Skull, skeleton collection lets people see what's inside of an animal

Jay Villemarette has a few skeletons in his closet. But, he's also got skeletons in vats of solution, in beetle-filled aquariums, and drying on racks. His Museum of Osteology opened Oct. 1 in...