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What Happened to Patsy's Finger?

The story goes that Patsy had her finger bitten off by her mother for misbehavior, but how much truth is there in that statement and is this a common behavior for apes? Upon our education...

How do museums use 3D Imaging?

Enjoy our guest blog writer, Alexander Prucha, PhD Candidate from George Washington University, as he retells his journey of digitizing our California male sea lion skulls.

How Weird can a Woodpecker's Hyoid Bone be?

While the human hyoid is a simple small bone, there are several species with fantastically weird hyoid bones that have even more specialized uses. We'll be looking at one animal family that makes...


What on Earth?

Can you guess what on Earth this close-up photo shows?

Why on Earth? Giraffe

Why is this giraffe carrying an animal bone in its mouth?

Skeleton Museum Offers Cool Summer Entertainment and Education

Man assembling a camel skeleton.
The Museum of Osteology located at 10301 S. Sunnylane Road, is a unique, one of a kind educational experience in Oklahoma City. Sharing the same building with Skulls Unlimited, the 7000 square ft. museum focuses on the form and function of the skeletal system, with hundreds of skulls and skeletons on display from around the world.

Exploring Oklahoma: Museum of Osteology a One-of-A-Kind Treasure

Do you have a child so fascinated with a hobby that you fear that it's taking focus from other "more important" priorities? Jay Villemarette would tell you not to worry. In fact, he'd tell you to encourage your child, even if that interest seems a bit eccentric. And as the Director of the new Museum of Osteology, he knows what he's talking about.

Museum of Osteology Open in Southeast Oklahoma City

Jay Villemarette has a few skeletons in his closet. But, he's also got skeletons in vats of solution, in beetle-filled aquariums, and drying on racks. His Museum of Osteology opened Oct. 1 in Oklahoma City. Osteology involves the study of bones.